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    1 15/4/1910 Jewish Chronicle, Jewish Athletic Association Football - report that Brady Street club have excelled themselves and deserve to be congratulated on their excellence performance. Much of the success due to the respected captains. Rodbert (Mark) headed th 4th division. RODBERT Mark (I62)
    2 1905-1909 Butlers Street Girls Club Members Representative RODBERT Sophie (I83)
    3 Alt birth date 14 Nov 1816 LEVER Anne (Anna) Hartog (I727)
    4 Alternative birth date 5 Jun 1822 from Burial register TER BEEK Roosje (I222)
    5 Alternative birth year 1803 LAPPEMAN Rachel Meijer (I1059)
    6 Alternative Birth year 1819 LAPPEMAN Naatje Meijer (I1065)
    7 Alternative date 30/9/1942 LEERAAR Salomon (I941)
    8 Alternative date of birth 1783 Bergh GOMPERS) Jetta /Gompertz (Gumpert (I1185)
    9 Anna Hartog Lever's mother was either Rebecca Kijser or Sophie Lappeman LEVER Anne (Anna) Hartog (I727)
    10 Approx year of birth from Census and headstone inscription. ROSENFELT Betsy [Basha Chaya Etta b Menachem Mendel HaCohen] (I647)
    11 Assumed child of Jacob / Jacques and Bertha. Unproven. WALEWYK Emma (I1330)
    12 Betsey Dogort Oct/Nov/Dec 1878 St Geo East DAGUL (DOGORT) Rebecca (Becca) (I389)
    13 Celestine and the children all died in a house fire at their home 2 Rue de La Colline, Brussels. KINSBERGEN Maximilien (I1186)
    14 Celestine died with her children in a house fire that started at 3am at their home, 2 Rue de la Colline, Brussels, Belgium SIMONS Celestine (I882)
    15 Changed his name to Van der Wieken AAP Aaron (I911)
    16 Changed his surname to Van der Wieken AAP Barend (I860)
    17 Date taken from info on Death cert WIJMANS (WEYMANS) (VEYMANS) (WYMANS) Marie (Mietje) (I368)
    18 Death record 361 states daughter of Hector Lacloche and Sophie Verger VERGER [LACLOCHE] Julie (I870)
    19 Deported on convoy No. 50 from Drancy. STERNBERG Leopold (Abraham Lobel) (I46)
    20 Died from war wounds. PARK Simon (Sydney) (I973)
    21 Education - JFS 24/10/1892 to Sept 1898
    WW1 - Private in the Marchine Gun Corps 
    DAGUL Michael (I650)
    22 Family name - Dogort Family F500
    23 For more information on the Schlosser family see SCHLOSSER Rachel Levie (I402)
    24 From 1911 Census Family F65
    25 From 1911 census.  Family F499
    26 From Papenburg, Germany according to the inscription on his headstone. LEDA Benjamin [Pinchas b Aharon] (I1172)
    27 GRO: Sep Qtr 1898 Dagul Barnett 36 London C. 1c 15  DAGUL Barnett (Bernard) [Dov Ber b Yehiel] (I646)
    28 Hebrew Inscription: Basha Chaya Etta daughter of Menachem Mendel the Cohen Widow of Dov Ber son of Yechiel Passed away Thursday 19th Elul 5694 Aged 74 ROSENFELT Betsy [Basha Chaya Etta b Menachem Mendel HaCohen] (I647)
    29 Informant on Max Perlman's death, recorded as daughter.  PERLMAN Gizella (Zela) (I1415)
    30 Inscription: Here rests an upright and reliable man, Ascher, son of Naftali Segal from Gemmingen died on Tuesday, buried on Wednesday, 26. Tewet 597 TNZBH (May His Soul Be Bound Up In The Bond Of Eternal Life)
    HERZ [GUTMANN] Elias (I890)
    31 Inscription: Joseph the beloved husband of Mary Fierstone who died 1[3/8] Jan 1914 aged 56.
    FIERSTONE (FINESTONE) Joseph (Yehuda Joseph b Simeon) (I1406)
    32 Inscription: Marian Fierstone who died 11 Jan 1926 aged 50. Source: Marian (Miriam, Mary) (I1407)
    33 King of Lampedusa COHEN Sydney (I1380)
    34 married by Rabbi & Cantor Samuel Hershovitz 289 Brook Ave Bronx. Witnesses: Benjamin A. Kinberg & Luis Simon Family F1024
    35 Mina was arrested in Marseille with 1500 other people between Fri 22nd Jan and Sun 24th Jan 1943 in Action Tiger.

    She was transfered to CompiŠegne. Then on Sun 24th Jan, to Drancy, Paris. The prisoners were not given any food. She remained in Drancy from 25/1/1943 to 23/3/1943.

    On 23/3/1943 Mina was transported on Convoy 52-s from Drancy to Sobibor. There were 640 men and 360 women including 12 children in this transport. There were no survivors. 
    MARCUS Mina (I10)
    36 Moved from Etterbeek Cemetery WALEWYK Adam Solomon (I707)
    37 Moved from Etterbeek cemetery SEEMER Therese (I1448)
    38 Moved from Etterbeek cemetery. WALEWYK Arthur (I1329)
    39 Name also Gompert DAVID GOMPERT) David (Gotfried) /Gompertz (Gumpert / Gompers (I531)
    40 Name spelt as Drugle Family F65
    41 Name spelt Dagull Family F499
    42 Nathan's mother Sarah, a widow, is living with the family Family F500
    43 NB. Simon Abraham is the son of Sara Soesman but Abraham Liefman is his step-father. ABRAHAMS (LIEFMAN) Simon Abraham (I1365)
    44 No headstone remains SCHOONHOED Elias (Eliah) \Jacob [Eli] (I221)
    45 No headstone remains TER BEEK Roosje (I222)
    46 No tombstone remains.
    From the burial record: Rachel Cohen nee Levij [Rechla bat Pinchas] widow of Jacob Cohen Salomon zl [Jacob ben Shlomo] born Frankfurt a Main 11 Aug 1800, died 23 April 1888, 12 Ijar 5648. 
    LEVEIJ (LEVIE LEVI) Rachel Izaak [Rechla bat Pinchas] (I95)
    47 No tombstone remains.
    From the burial register:
    Jacob Cohen [Jacob ben Shlomo] son of [Blim] husband of Rachel Levij [Rechla bat Pinchas] born Frankfurt a Main Mar 1797, died 4 Aug 1870, 7 Ab 5630. 
    COHEN Jacob Salomon (I25)
    48 On board a hospital ship while in the army. SCHOONHOED Levie (I387)
    49 On January 21, 1945, 4,000 prisoners, including 150 women, were taken out of the camp Blechhammer (Auschwitz IV) and put on a death march lasting 13 days. Several dozen prisoners who tried to hide in Blechhammer during the evacuation were discovered and killed on the spot.

    The prisoners each got 800 grams of bread, a small portion of margarine, and artificial honey for their march. Some 800 prisoners were killed en route. On February 2, the survivors reached the Gross-Rosen camp, where they remained for five days before being put on a train to Buchenwald. The prisoners stayed in Gross-Rosen for 5 days. Then they boarded a train to Buchenwald (Feb. 6 or 7). On the way the train, was attacked several times by Allied planes, which caused many deaths. 
    COHEN Salomon (I733)
    50 Possible burial Arye Leib b Shimon Shteinhart 23 Nov 1910, Lepel Old Cemetery SZTEJNGART (STEINGART) Arie Leib (Lebko) (I1473)

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